I’ve always loved math- ever since age 6. Also, I’m the type who shows interest in unravelling mysteries. This began from my childhood where I started watching detective films for most of the time which solves the puzzles and twists in the plot. It is of no surprise that I ultimately ended in a field which gives freedom to dig answers, solve unravelling mysteries, and explore the unseen gears of the universe…Yes, I’m a Data Scientist!
My interest in Data Science started when I heard that a famous cricket player’s performance was improved with use of Data. Having grown in a place where Cricket is the most loved sport-India, this is something which triggered my Interest.
This made me do a Masters Degree Specializing in Data Analytics/Data Science. This was the opportunity to build products based on numbers and advanced statistical models, catering to both my engineering mentality and my inner detective.
I have continuously used my free time to create projects exploring the data and some of which are shown in the Data Portfolio. It is the impact the work has on the line of business and this is what drives people like me to delve further into exploration.
If you want to reach me out to know further, please feel free to contact me at hsivasub@asu.edu or +1(480)-494-7314.
Data Portfolio

Data Portfolio



Work Experience

I’m an Industrial Engineering Graduate student specializing in Data Analytics/Data Science at Arizona State University. Actively seeking Full-Time in the field of Data Analytics, Data Science, and Business Analytics.
Data Analyst Assistant (May 2018- July 2018)

Edplus at ASU, Scottsdale, AZ.
• Monitored usage metrics, understanding business-based explanations for large scale trends. Created a SQL Relational Database to extract valuable queries for carrying out further analysis.
• Managed, and helped in maintenance of ongoing metrics, reports, analyses, dashboards, etc. to drive key business decisions. Understand business/product strategies to deliver complete analytics solutions.
• Supported the Executives with analytics for product performance and performed Forecasting for the future engagement metrics using ARIMA and Intervention Model using R with a MAPE value of 4.238.

Data Analyst Intern (May 2018 – Aug 2018)

Skynetwest, Chandler, AZ.
• Analyzed the data from Google Analytics to track user behavior and provide actionable insights to the developing team for website optimization. Analyzed the website visitors, categorized the target audience from a bunch of visitors and proposed business recommendations for continuous improvement.
• Managed Adwords Campaign and worked with website designers to optimize and enhance user interaction.
• Formulated the pricing models based on Factors like Survey Area, Amount of Data required, Time of Run etc, which is now used as a base to fix price for clients.
• This proposed model with improved factor consideration has increased the revenue by 17%.

Business Analyst (Feb 2016- May 2016)

International Go-Kart Championship organized by SAE, Chennai, TN, India.
• Obtained data on the companies which sponsored our team from statistical data and created a database in MySQL to categorize the companies with similar goals. Performed Regression analysis on the factors to determine the desiring factors.
• Created a New list of Companies and used Machine Learning Classification algorithms to predict whether a company could be a potential Sponsor or not. Classifiers like Naïve Bayes, Random Forest and Stochastic Gradient Descent were used.
• Targeted those companies with Facebook Ad campaigning through Video Ads to get Brand Awareness and Engagement.
• Assisted in creating reports to track and analyze the success of the promo. Produced data strategies and made recommendations regarding the market, competitors and current marketplace.



Python 90%
R 85%
Tableau 80%
Excel 80%
Machine Learning 85%
Communication 80%
MiniTab 80%
SQL 90%


Masters in Industrial Engineering(Specializing Data Analysis)

Expected May 2019

Arizona State University
CGPA: 3.61/4.0

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

May 2017

Anna University
CGPA: 3.8/4.0




If you have any questions popping up from my project or want to speak to me about any Data Analyst/Data Science Opportunities, please feel free to reach me.

Email: hsivasub@asu.edu

Phone Number: +1(480)-494-7314